Make a Plan

Plan for Retirement

The global financial crisis plus the prolonged record low interest rate and the unreliable public pension plans have created a big concern for people who are looking ahead to their retirement. It has never been more vital to make important long term investment plans for the future. If you invest in an extreme-low interest like a term deposit, it will never provide sufficient funds for your retirement. Diversified investments of growth potential through stocks and mutual funds are indispensable for long term planning and retirement.

Private Pention

While the baby boomers are retiring, it is of great concern that the retirees’ capital continues to grow into old age without being adversely affected by inflation. Every year the price of gasoline and food goes up as inflation rises. $1,000 today will only have a value of $456 in 20 years with the average inflation rate of 4%. It is now necessary to prepare for the future with a high growth potential investment plan.

Can you save enough funds for your retirement with a term deposit?

It is not possible to save enough with a term deposit. A lot of people are trying to save with low interest time deposit accounts, this gives only a very low rate of interest; and the highest tax rate is applied to the savings even though the principal is guaranteed.

Stock and Mutual funds with high growth potential should be considered as a good option. However, you may be exposed to the market volatility and you could even lose your capital which happened too many during the recent financial crisis.

New Private Pension Plan - GIF “Guaranteed Investment Fund”

Now a new private pension plan called “RetirementPlus” has been launched. It combines Mutual Funds and a principal guarantee. This is a sensationally popular plan which eliminates any anxiety of retirement.
This plan provides a guarantee of predictable, sustainable income for life.

New Private Pension Plan - GIF “Guaranteed Investment Fund”